Hello gorgeous, I hope that you are as excited for Spring as I am. It’s always a great feeling to see the sun light stays for more hours and being able to enjoy an outdoor run after work. The beginning of Spring is also an opportunity for us to do some major closet cleaning and adding new pieces to our collection to best prepare for this highly anticipated and exciting season. But the best accessory that you can wear on any day & for any occasion has got to be a magnificently clear and glowing skin.

If you are familiar with my blog, you probably already knew that, growing up, I suffered from severe acne and breaking out on both side of my cheeks and my forehead. It haunted me for life and I constantly have to work very hard with both of my diet and my skin care regimen to ensure that such break outs can never happen again . If you are interested  in learning more about my essential food & vitamin cocktails along with my skin care favorite for Spring, read along! XOXO


  •  The Berries Kingdom: I have a serious addiction for berries of all kind. They are so delicious and rich in vitamins. The carotenoids brighten your skin tone and their high level of phytochemicals help fight against cell damage!
  • Fresh Lime + Orange juice mixed in 2 liter of water. Yesss that hand squeezed goodness is a must have Vitamin C boost that I can’t live without. It also helps adding flavors  into water and I love having a cold bottle of it with me wherever I go.
  • Spinach: mixed with frozen banana+ peach+ raw honey and a bit of almond milk + ice is a yummy in my tummy breakfast but also loaded with vitamin B and K. Talk about healthy skin and body!


  • Origins Skin Retexturizing Mask: infused with Canadian Willowherb and Persian silk tree, this mask is a treatment that I use religiously once a week to give a soft and tight skin appearance. It also has gentle exfoliate ingredient that helps brighten the skin. A 2-in-1 investment if you ask me :)! $26 for 3.4 oz via Sephora❤



Bobbie Brown Skin Nourish Coral Grassaka the skin plumper. I was a bit skeptical since it’s from Bobbie Brown, which is more of a make up company than a skin care company to my perception. I tend to assimilate these products to my previous less than impressed experiences when I tried skin care products from MAC. But boy, this baby is a creamy heaven that leaves my skin super refreshed. Also, my forehead tends to be oilier but this did not make it break out! The only downside is it’s expensive, at $47 for 2.5 oz. A little definitely goes a long way though❤

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