SS2015: Sequins and See through Alert

It was a stunningly cold day in the city where I live. I love watching millions snow flakes pouring down, yet I loathe how freezing it gets the moment I step outside. Can a girl just have her cake and eat it too? *le sigh*. Anyways, I had a nice break from work today and it felt so refreshing to just be able to take the time and focus on yourself, to do what you love and to enjoy some “me time”. After some serious hours of pinterest, tumblr, instagram, I was able to inhale a pizza and draw upon some up-coming trends that I want to share with you guys. See, I’m trying to give my social media time load some useful justifications here. I seriously wish I could get paid to style and create outfits for people. Not just celebrities, but everyone and anyone. Let’s escape the cold & dive in these spring/summer dreams with me 🙂

  • Sheer, embroided and lacy: this is a predictable but must have for spring summer almost every year. That sheer kimono cardigan that you bought last season will definitely be a good recycle item this upcoming spring

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  • Floral Crotchet Pattern:  beautifully delicate and free spirited, this trend will once again dominate this season but with less overall pattern, but rather in a more subtle form such as shoulder details, sleeve details, etc.

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  • Kimono trench coats for spring: this trend is already everywhere. From top fashion icons to street style fashionistas, they all have been spotting this particular style lately and I absolutely adore it.

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  • Semi sheer top/crop top with sequins and metallic beads: this will be huge this season and trust me when I say this, I really mean it 200%. It gives such a glamorous and effortlessly sexy edge to an otherwise feminine piece of clothing and this is a must have staple! Don’t buy it? Check out Chrissy Teigen’s recent DirectTV appearance outfit. Now you will believe me ❤ 😉



  • Pastel blue, powder pink and soft lilac and YELLOW: I’m personally not a huge fan of yellow, but the richness in a golden hue is definitely worth looking forward to for this upcoming summer. The trick is to pick the right shade of yellow in accordance to your skin tone. As per usual, soft and alluring shades of pastels are making their come back. The twist will be more leather material being used in different pieces with these colors. I’m beyond excited hoorayyy!


  • The Shirt Dress: aka the definition of cool and sexy chic look! Just an oversize, rolled up white or denim button down will do wonder 😉

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