The Kylie Jenner’s Pout Trick

This post is solely dedicated to my make up addict girl friends! I have received quite a few messages on Instagram about lip lining trick and how to achieve the famous Kylie Jenner’s poutiful lips. While I won’t comment on whether or not she had surgery done to maximize the fullness of her lips, I will say that make up definitely will create a huge difference.

The  key tricks are to maintain a very good lip base, the absolutely perfect color, and the patience to create a smooth and even lip lining coverage. I’m no professional make up artist, but I have some confidence that I have successfully found a very good product that will be able to help you getting this trend right ;). Enjoy and let me know what you think XOXO <3.

The ultimate  inspiration: Miss Kylie Jenner and her signature pout ;).

1926650_10152612256511074_3748072959155695327_n 10926428_10152612256601074_950261641506239632_n

Now, while I don’t think that I like the huge lip look on myself and would wear it every day, I did went above and beyond to find the right color/brand that would allow me to get this look. Note that Kim said in an interview that Kylie was able to achieve this look with just lip liner, which is the goal here. No lip plump gel needed.

1380351_10152612256626074_6016907750633465891_nI did a little research and have tried on all of these shades. I recommend that if you have a darker natural lip base, you may want to use some concealer applied on top of your lips after moisturized in order for the color to show. For a more natural and lighter shade, you should go with either Subculture or Boldly Bare. In this particular look I did for today’s post, I used “Soar”, which I found to be very close to the shade that Kylie originally used in several of her pics when she first debuted this look.

  •  Before applying any product, you need to make sure you lips are well exfoliated and moisturized.
  • Dab away any excess moist/greasy traces. Make sure you lips are soft and smooth but not too gloss for the lip liner to work its magic.
  • Use the (well sharpened) Soar liner, start very carefully from the corner of your lips. Tracing around to create a well defined lip boundary. You can over draw little by little to get that extra pout.
  • Fill in the inside of the lip. Make sure every part is evenly covered to achieve a full look. You want to make sure it’s poutiful from all angle :).

This is after one full coverage layer


Then I went ahead and apply a second layer around the edges to get the extra fullness, in case you don’t think one layer is quite there yet ;).

551495_10152612256496074_1961413977964946437_n  10953931_10152612256451074_9026948715434847854_n

I personally think it’s a little bit too much and looks unnatural on me. But if you are a fan of this and feel like you can pull it off, please definitely give it a try! Also, for a comparison, this is another pic of me with a lighter (powder pink) lip liner using the same technique, with gloss + plumping product. You can obviously see what a huge difference the right shade and coverage can do 🙂


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