Lust List Goes On

I have been so in love with the big coat trend lately. So effortless and Très chic! I got this awesome baby pink one from F21 for under $40 and I’m nothing less than obsessed. I’m also wearing my favorite Isabella Tattoo set from Flash tattoo in this pic <3.


Just wanna share with you guys a couple more pieces I’m currently lusting for. As per usual, my go-to colors are soft grey, greyish blue, creme, nude/caramel. They go so well with even just simple & staple pieces such as plain T-shirts, skinny jeans, bf jeans, chunky sweaters. Oh I adore them all 🙂




Ending this short post with a perfection of a treasure called Celine. How beautiful is she though ❤


2 thoughts on “Lust List Goes On

  1. I love the big coat trend too and I can’t believe you find one for $40 and in the prettiest blush colour too
    I hope you’re enjoying the new year and may 2015 be super prosperous for you and your blog!
    Much Love,

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