Skin Re-hydration Tips

I dread the cold weather and dryness of my skin more than anything. It doesn’t help that I also have combination skin so sometimes certain parts just get super oily while the others are plain dry, despite the fact that I rarely break out. I also have super sensitive skin and harsh cosmetic/skin care products can ruin itbig time. So if you are in the same situation, read away and let me share with you some of my favorite must have and tricks

Drink a lot and a lot of water. Drink it every time you are thirsty. Not soda, milk nor caffeine drinks. I know this sounds so redundant but I mean it in the most sincere way. I’m a huge coffee addict but during the winter, it’s almost always a no no for me to indulge myself in so many Starbucks a day. It will dehydrate your system even more.


-Use organic/raw honey (in a small amount) as your natural lip balm. Dab a bit on to your lips before bed and it seriously saves me from lip cracking.

-Exfoliate dead skins and always keep your moisturizer, oil, serum in hand. I love to use coconut oil as a body moisturizer because I don’t want unnecessary chemicals from commercial products to be absorbed in my body on top of my make up products.

-Korres Yogurt Sleeping Facial and Estee Lauder advanced night serum are my best friends in this world. Yes, they are pricey. But the cost and pain of having bad skin + make up to cover blemishes will out do the costs of actual investment pieces to keep your skin in the clear. The Korres Facial is super light and goes on your skin nicely without feeling like you are wearing layers of greasiness to bed.


Drink water before you go to bed. Yes, you hate the trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night I know. But when you are sleeping, the skin temperature is actually higher and will lead to an increase in water loss.

-Raw Honey Coconut Mask to help with black head problems: I’m a huge fan of contouring around my nose to get a more defined look, but a lot of time, it leaves black head areas on my skin (ew I know). But this mask will do wonder. Raw Honey (as opposed to grocery store honey, which has been processed and all beneficial enzymes were destroyed) has the pH level of 4.5, which is optimal for skin. It contains antiseptic & antimicrobal that would allow your skin to heal, kill bacteria and fungus.


It also works amazing in brightening skin and dark spot. So I would definitely recommend this if you have acne scars. Some people may be allergic to raw honey, so test it out in small areas first :).

-Simply mix equal part of honey+coconut oil together until they are all melted and well-blended. Spread evenly over your skin and leave on for 15 minutes, before wash away with warm water.

Enjoy and let me know if these tips work out for you ❤ XOXO

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