The Pursuit of Happiness

Hell lovely, I just want to share some thoughts and ,perhaps, get some discussion going on about the topic of career choice and chasing your passion. When I was younger, I had many dreams. Some are frivolous now that I look back at it (ahem, turning myself into a mermaid by eating lots of fish), yet some are still growing strong in me every day.

Ever since I learned how to write, it has always been an essential part of my life – an outlet for me to express my inner soul, ideas and to share my feelings. I love sitting down and just inking my thoughts through words that I can read back later. Occasionally, I would go through a poetry phase, in which I would write about ten poems in a row, which is pretty insane to me, considers that I am struggling to really convey all the things going on in my little head right now to you.


Four years ago, when I entered college, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be. Growing up in a strict family, my parents set it straight for me that the only way to success is to hustle and hustle harder until you make it.  That was easy to say when you have your parents pave your way and take care of your big expenses. However, once I started working my first low-pay job, it hit me hard that I won’t be able to make a sustainable living out of being a writer. I increasingly suffered a huge pressure of “making it big”, become something that can make my parents proud of me and to land a big dream job with a big fat paycheck to prove to myself that I can do it!

Yet as I participated in more creative and entrepreneurship projects through my last years of college, I also became more aware of the fact that I do not want to work a job that does not actually fulfill or enhance my creativity or capability. So I turned down my first corporate job offer because my biggest fear in life is to have to pretend- pretend like this is what I was meant to do with my life, pretend like it is everyone’s dream out there to land a corporate job and I should take it at any cost, and most importantly, pretend like it is what I want to wake up to every day.


I love writing and my first “blogging” job as an intern at Elle Magazine made me love it even more with everything in me. I yearn to connect to people through my words, share the experiences that changed my life and my passion for fashion and styling (said every girl I know) to other people. I’m not sure how I will get there yet but I’m working towards it every day. I have had many sleepless nights because of the many ideas and projects I have  plan for. I want to turn my vision into reality and I’m willing to put in 200% every day to make it happen. Working a 9-5 job is hard, believe me. But what is even harder is to work enough to sustain yourself while still manage to make even more time out of your day to do what you love and to achieve your dreams.  XOXO ❤

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