[Not So] Minimalist Attire

I love all black everything and I cannot lie. My affair with the deepest darkest color is overwhelming that my friends are starting to demand me to style more outfits with ” some colors” in it. But to me black is the most sophisticated, outspoken yet mysterious, laid back yet aristocratic shade–the definition of effortlessly sexy.



   My current nail polish obsession: Essie Licorice, so rich and creamy but in no way lacking of sharpness with it signature pure jet black hue. Not to mention amazing coverage and shiny finish! Je t’adore ❤

51b841ddac8cdedad68b5ba9906b6eaa                                         [Wish list attire: I’m leather lusting over all of these beauties]


                                                                 [Givenchy Masterpiece <3]

    But I promise sometimes I do wear non-black colors and love every bit of it XOXO


6 thoughts on “[Not So] Minimalist Attire

  1. i’m obsessed with black at the moment too! it just looks the best, doesn’t it? and essie licorice really is amazing, you would probably also love black pearl by chanel ❤


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