Skin Saver

Growing up, I was one of those lucky children with a mother who works so hard everyday to take care of me in every aspect. I was born extremely feeble with many health issues and that has always been a haunting concern for my mom. My skin would have the worst reaction/rash to different kinds of food, dust, season changes and even the SUN. I was miserable for a long period of time struggling with this until my mother begun to juice a tone of veggies and fruits using a blender and mesh cloth (back in the day) for months. And it healed me in a magical way that no one would understand. For the first time, I was completely fine being under the beautiful sun and my skin was so clear I couldn’t believe it.


But then I fell back into bad eating habits, my obsession with deep fried foods/toasty bread, and neglecting my juices. The hard part is always to keep up with the process once you already achieved the desired result. Right away, my night mare came back for me. I started breaking out like no other with big pumps under skins and all over my cheeks and forehead. My face was always red with so many scars and pimples. I was so embarrassed that I constantly had to use some sort of heavy concealer to hide away my skin. I was ashamed of myself and suffered some serious self hating issues. I cried every night and it was so bad that juicing couldn’t help me right away anymore. One of the nights when I stayed up sleeplessly searching for a cure to my skin, I came across different articles about the effects of dairy and bread on your health.


The next morning, I stopped drinking/eating anything with  milk in it and threw away all of the bread in the pantry as well as cutting down fat in my diet. I stopped wearing make up for months praying for a chance for my body to heal itself and religiously used a mask made of brown sugar (natural exfoliator), raw honey and apple cider vinegar. Oh boy, that thing saved my life. Within 6 months, all the scars and acne were gone and I no longer had to use a long bang to cover  up my face. I also learnt by ❤ the importance of washing, exfoliating my face AND changing my pillow case regularly. I totally understand the fact that it feels so tempting to just try to pour a tone of products on to temporarily fix the problem, but remember, a lot of time, the issue came from within. Just listen, love your body and give it time to nurture and heal ❤ XOXO


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