The Real Chop Chop Machine

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know that I’m a sucker for green smoothies with a tone of frozen bananas. It’s like a guilt free treat for me everyday. Yet, blending a whole lot of frozen fruits would do some serious damage to your blender if it’s not a quality one. Many health bloggers swear by Vitamix, which in my opinion, is a wonder machine yet very expensive. I tried the item for a week and decided to not purchase it since I can’t quite justify for a $500+ blender. Call me stingy but I just knew it is not worth it. So it begun my quest to search for an equally great product without breaking my wallet.


My first realization was that I cannot buy one of those household blender and expect the same result as Vitamix. Instead, go for the commercial one (smoothies bar’s/ restaurant’s type). After a month of testing and returning product, I got totally hooked on the Ninja Professional Blender (BL660). It’s a 1100 watt professional performance device that easily blends so much frozen stuff in less than a minute no joke! The 72 oz capacity is also a plus to me since that can hold enough for a family of 4. AND it comes with 2 free on the go cups! Perfection.

It’s priced at around $130 and if you have a prime account from Amazon, you need to give it a try because free shipping+return is such a hassle free option and hence no reason to not test it out. And no, I do not get paid to blog about this. I just really want to help everyone to save time while enjoying the delicious smoothies in the morning.


Much love XOXO

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