Confession of a Minimalist

When it comes to life and style, I truly enjoy the bliss of simplicity. My to go colors are always black, white, denim and nude and my to go snack will always be a refreshing option with minimal processing such as a bowl of rainbow salad or a green smoothies. There is something so powerful about keeping it simple and sweet that goes without explanation. Some people may see it as a boring and basic routine, but to me, it’s always a great opportunity to further explore and add in a personalized twist to make that sophisticated simplicity really stands out.


[bull head denims, heels on right pic: Jessica Simpsons]

10377436_10152325663171074_2841111116106402780_n 10646661_10152325663056074_1461059035998591181_n

[Left: top from Free People, velvet bralette from Urban Outfitter]  [Right: necklace from Zara]

10653666_10152325663206074_5598144178549401297_n tumblr_n6mr1z8kMl1s0j3qao1_1280

[White dress by free people]

What’s your to-go style for fall season?


5 thoughts on “Confession of a Minimalist

  1. Love your style! It’s so sharp and on point. I have to agree with you about how you can still have fun and personalize your style even with a neutral palette. If anything, it’s a satisfying challenge to see how you can mix and match pieces. I am such a victim to colorful pieces though…


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