Very Berry Delushious

I miss blogging so much argh! I haven’t posted anything for about two weeks  since my life has just been so busy and boring lately.  The only good thing was I scored a tone of organic berries at a great bargain price and it means my meals have been BERRY DOMINATED.


One of the reasons why many people are afraid of buying a lot of fruits is probably because they go bad quickly (unless they are covered in chemicals, preservatives and wax).I literally had to incorporate all of these berries into so many dishes. However, you can always freeze them for smoothies ( precut your strawberries then freeze them. For blueberries, you only need to wash them thoroughly but also gently, then straight into the nice cold freezer).


(Mixed berries salad with a zesty lemon sauce and uhm..not so healthy fried goat cheese)

Did you know that (in my info-commercial voice) blueberry is extremely high in antioxidant that can help reduce and combat the free radical that can cause extreme cellular and DNA structure damages. It also helps decreasing the aging effects on our brain capacity and memory. Freezing blueberries, even for months, will not cause a loss in this awesome anti-aging benefit, just make sure that  you don’t damage the delicate outter part of the berries and zip-lock the bag tightly.

10629804_10152271811391074_4856923355189176261_n( Blueberry Lemon pound cake: heaven sent in disguise)

Also, I don’t have a picture to demonstrate right now but blueberry oatmeal “cookies” are the perfect post work out treat and you should try to make them! Recipes can be found everywhere on Pinterest <3.


On an unrelated note, I would like to end this post with this amazaballs ice cream with waffle cones. It’s called Blue Cosmo with Dinosaur Sprinkles because I’m 5. Much love and kisses ❤

Next post: How to create a fancy nancy homade thai Dinner. Yummmm

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