Go fruit yourself

What did you have for breakfast today? Cheddar Egg sausage muffin on a biscuit? How good does that sound by the way? Hmmm. I actually made that for someone else this morning but decided to give my body a better treatment (yes my belly was crying when it realized that it ain’t getting any biscuit). Butttttt I did manage to whip up this yummy in my tummy acai bowl, which consists of acai smoothie, topped wit freshly sliced strawberries, blueberries and my favorite concoction of baked roll oats + raw honey + shredded coconut and sliced almonds. It was the perfect combination of creamy goodness, sweet and crunchy. OMG that just made me really hungry.


The best time to eat your fruits and veggies are in the morning before any cooked foods so you can make sure that you dose up on a lot of energizing vitamins and water content for your fresh start of the day. Also, the warming feeling of a comfort home cooked meal after work is seriously amazing. Remember to drink a big glass of water the moment you wake up with some freshly squeezed lime/lemon juice in it. It truly helps starting the metabolism and system in the morning.

Some people asked me recently if I ever get bored of just eating my plant based foods on vegan days or no meat days, and the answer is no not really. I have learned to cook and adjust different types of foods to my taste and it really helps in term of craving. Remember, if there’s a will, there’s a way. The other day, I was seriously dying for some Godiva chocolate balls. Those pretty ones that they sell in the store that are always shining under the bright light calling you to spend $3/piece. Yeah those! God I blame it on my period. I obviously did not drive my way down to the mall just to get them but I did do a little research and made these super delicious vegan treats. They are so easy to make and require only basic ingredients that most vegans should have in their kitchens. Here comes coconut almond treat balls.


I got the recipe from Lemonsandleisure and adapted it to my own taste but it’s so simple you will love it!


-3/4  cup of sliced raw almond

-3/4  cup of shredded unsweeten coconut

-1/4 cup of raw honey (use less if you want to add stevia in instead)

-1 teaspoon of cinnamon

– 2 teaspoons of raw cacao powder

-1 cup of vegan chocolate chips



Blend everything together in a food processor/blender  except for the chocolate. If the mixture is too hard to chunk up, add a plash of rice milk or coconut milk. Don’t add too much because it will get too mushy to be shaped into balls. After the mixture is finely chopped and combined, round them into perfect (or not) balls and freeze it for an hour

7404_10152259463891074_4016188719742698654_n  (I know, you are probably wondering why would you want to eat this but it’s gooddddd)

-Melt the chocolate chips then dip them frozen bad boys in the melted goodies. Remember to coat all sides thoroughly then sprinkle with your favorite topping (nuts or more shredded coco or some sea salt).

-Back in the freezer for 1-2 hours then enjoy responsibly! SHARE THEM, DON’T EAT ALL OF THEM.


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