Floralesque Su-u-ushi

Hello there, I hope your Wednesday is going uhhhmazing! If not, give yourself a little hug and a Starbucks treat <3. It’s Wednesday which is …………..*get ready for this*…………….SUSHIIII day for me. I’m beyond excited as you can tell.


I’m not sure if this is a thing everywhere but within the cities I have been to, many restaurants do Wednesday Sushi half off, which is super rad to me. It’s a delicious treat, so filling (hey I don’t just get one roll okay), and healthy. When I say healthy, I really mean it. Unless you are going for the double deep fried and tempura flake covered ones, which is a big no no. I do love a good crunchy spider roll though. God I just love eating spiders. Jk, I figure you would know it’s soft shell tempura crabs inside. But those bad boys normally aren’t as bad as completely deep fried whole rolls.



Anyhow, if you are a full vegan who follows the 80/20, you are lucky because you can go ahead and carb on for such occasions! Be careful of the avocado though. Despite the fact that it is a very good fat, it’s still fat dense and when mixed with  a very high carb diet (rice), can cause damages to the body. Yet you shouldn’t be too worried since most restaurants are stingy and will give you a tiny itty straw of avocado. Just don’t go overboard my friends <3.

  And I will end this post with my outfit for dinner tonight :). I’m so in love with pointy heels and white is definitely a color that you must invest in as it makes any outfit looks more le chic and clean cut. I paired it with a vibrant peplum dress and simple black michael kors purse. 



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