Let’s do the Michael Symon Mooo dance

Not sure if the title of this post makes me sound like a cow, but it is necessary hah. My brother from another mother, Erich, just turned 26 this weekend and to celebrate his coming of age (not), we went to an awesome burger joint called the B spot by Michael Symon. You must ask how my experience was because ooh baby it was so so good. This is coming from a girl who has beef rarely ever. Repeat ever. The reason is complicated since I actually like cooking beef for people, but I just don’t really enjoy eating any thing that is juicily mooing in my mouth. Plus every time I have more than two bites of buttered glazed steak, my heart starts to contract with 20 hot flashes. Oh damn I totally know how to ruin the greatness of this burger. Anyway, it’s really freaking amazing. Every bite was a heaven sent mooing sign.



       (The ultimate heart attack: Lola burger consists of juicy beef patty, sunny side up egg, cheddar, baconsssssssss and B-spot’s house made ketchup)


     (Here, take a bite with me. Oh you can’t? That’s why I offered)

Holly jesus, it was just too good. I only consumed half of it because my body started to hate me immediately. Damn it, should have never trained it into the healthy life. Back fire! Just kidding. the point is it is incredible and if you go to Ohio any time soon, YOU MUST STOP BY OR YOU ARE WASTING A YEAR OF YOUR LIFE. And don’t forget to try the Lola because egg+bacon is a life changing combination. Egg on anything is a game changer. Egg on ramen. Egg on salad. STOP.

Now, I’m back to the healthy life again. Le sigh. But nothing can stop me from feasting with my eyes. Cheat meal once in a while is awesome, necessary and it will keep you sane. Love ❤

Next post: how to make super delicious and vegan protein bar with chocolate drizzle ❤

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