Wednesday Mood

On days that are gorgeous out with clear sky and warm sunlight, I can’t help but reminiscing the great time kayaking across a lake over the summer. I the calming and soothing effect and icy blue water has on me. When cleaning up my nail polish collection recently, I stumbled upon this long lost nail polish from Essie that I never used, which truly captures the mood I was having.  The color presents a soft blend of cotton blue sky mixed with lavender hue and an elegantly light shimmer finish. The name is “Rock the boat” and I believe it was released in the Naughty Nautical Collection last year. Wow, I’m so on point with my style…NOT.


Back to the main theme of this blog: health and well. I recently received some questions about consuming tofu, low fat high carb diet and reverse diet. As I have mentioned before in my previous posts, I’m a huge believer in plant based food power and the natural healing of the earth’s blessed crops. However, I do not choose to follow a strict diet (80/20, vegans, etc.). While I do adhere to Meatless Monday and Fish Friday, I chose to not cut out protein source from meat in my daily intake on the other days. I do, however, try to eat local produce and organic meat as much as possible/can afford and eat them in smaller amount.

10524691_10152232671646074_6201016024150715270_n                                         (Simple and refreshing juices that I often make during Sunday afternoons to be drank during the week)

I understand that a lot of people believe in the theory that the fat you eat is the fat you wear and that “eating meat makes you fat” or “if you only eat strictly plant based diet, you can have as much calories as you want”. NO, that is not how it works. First of all, plant based diet such as vegan that consumes calories dense food including coconut oils, nuts (yes, I’m talking about unhealthy vegan desserts that made from 4 cups of coconut oil) will not do your body good.  Lean meat such as organic, farm raised chicken breast will serve you better in a well proportioned amount. Now, if you eat completely plant based, low/no fat but just straight, let’s say fruits and veggies. I give you a huge BRAVO and hope that you are achieving the results you are hoping for and the inner peace that this wonderful energy will give you. However, it does not mean you can go crazy with the amount of fruits you may eat, especially if you do not exercise regularly. Remember, extra energy source when left unused will be stored as fat. You cannot fight off this instinctive mechanism as it is designed to protect human from depriving and dangerous situations.

Further, you need healthy fat to fix certain part of your body and protect/build brain power. Once again, I just want to emphasize on the very simple and easy solution to live by: drink plentiful of water-eat your veggies/fruit abundantly–love yourself with natural detox–and consume sustainable sources of energy. No cutting anything out completely, no self-shaming/destructive behaviors because the consequence of binge eating is so detrimental.


(My favorite way to indulge in an guilt free treat meal: Healthy stacked poached eggs with spinach and garlic sauteed couscous)

One thought on “Wednesday Mood

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    have a great (and as always, fashionable) day!
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