Damn you fried chicken

Do you ever get haunted by food? Like you are so desperately craving for something and just trying to avoid eating it because you know it’s so bad for the heart and your lovely lady waist (ch-check it out). GUILTY GUILTY. I dreamed of myself eating deep fried chicken 4 times last night. How did that even happen? Was I a chicken in my last life (you are what you eat duh)? I pretty much think so. If you know me, you would understand that I enjoy fresh and healthy dishes. No, I’m not one of those psycho maniacs that like to pretend to eat gluten free, oil free, air free food. I love my food as much as I love myself, but I also eat to heal and nourish. I have gluten intolerance since I’m Asian and grew up eating rice. Yeah I know I totally live up to my stereotype. But I DO COOK  BOMB.COM Italian dishes though. Okay, this rambling is getting a little bit outrageous. Anyhow, today, I would like to give you guys a [virtual ] bite and recipe of my velvet waffle and fried chicken  brunch gourmet menu. Did I just make it sounds snobily fancy? I think so.


Red Velvet Waffle Recipe (Buzz kill alert: You need to invest in a waffle maker if you seek this chef’s life)

-Gluten free red velvet cake mix (god I’m so authentic)

-Bisquick mix

All you have to do is combining a 1/4 cup gluten free velvet batter and 1 cup bisquik batter then pour into the waffle maker (lightly sprayed with palm oil).

Wait for 2-3 minutes then yummmmm. Ooh baby .

Fried chicken

Now, it is up to you if you wanna do breast meat (healthy bitches) or thighs/wings. I’m going with the dark size but, either way, it will be good. I do recommend cutting the breast into tender stripes so it’s more delushious.


-2 breasts cut into stripes or 1 thigh + 1 drumstick

-Wash the chicken thoroughly, pat dry then quickly half-cook the chicken in hot water for 2-3 minutes (the reason why I do this is to remove some excess fat from the skin/ any dirt residuals and also to shorten frying time)

then rub it with:

  • Salt & pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of garlic powder (let’s be honest, I never measure anything)
  • thyme powder
  • Don’t forget to stab the chicken delicately on both sides to make sure the flavor get deep in there

For the flour coating:

  • 2 cups of flour (you can use gluten free if you wish to)
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder
  • 2 teaspoons of paprika
  • Shit load of salt + pepper to taste (hey this is your cheat meal but cheat accordingly, more salt laced skin = more bloating).
  • Buttermilk

-Mix together all the dry coating ingredients except for the buttermilk.

-Dip the rubbed + seasoned chickens into buttermilk then dip it into the flour coating mixture.

-Make sure the chicken is generously and thoroughly covered in the coating otherwise you just wasted some sexy chicken

Heat up a medium size non stick pot (yeah do not use a flat pan unless you want it to blast all over your silky skin).  Aim for about 2 inches of oil in the pot.

-When the oil is at 320 F, you can start the fun sizzling deep frying  process. Make sure it is cooked through and goldenly crispy on both sides *will take about 13-15 minutes depends on how big your pieces are*.



-My expert tip: here is when you will feel tempted to use “healthy” oil like Olive. DO NOT. The smoke point of Olive oil is not high and will become burnt/toxic after a while of high medium heat for deep frying. Opt for Grape seed oil <3.

Alrightttttttttt, you have now accomplished sexy golden soul blessed chicken. Have fun running on the treadmill later. Next post will be health and how to detox the fried grease out of your body. I’m such a caring friend I know.


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