Shade of Amethyst



I absolutely adore semi-precious stone jewelries, especially amethyst since it can give me a sense of protection, inner soul balance and healing. This has to do with its ability to produce a small magnetic field around itself and exchange energy with the body. I recently got this healing point amethyst necklace and had received so many compliments so I just want to share the design with you guys :). The best type of amethyst is one that is of darker purple with a bit of rose color shade .



I was also inspired by this piece of jewelry to create this outfit which consists of a flowy, boho style romper with tiny flower details (and yes I’m really short at only 5″3 hehe )



What’s your plan for 4th of July? Share with me your outfit ideas/special dishes for the occasion.  I chose this blue top with crazy strappy detail on the back and paired it with a pair of white jeans. Hope you guys have a great weekend and stay blessed my friends ❤


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