Banana Ice kreamm

Hi lovely, I hope your week is going amazing. If not, hang in there because it is already Wednesday! It has been so hot lately in my area and this temperature always calls for decadently sweet treats such as a perfect creamy ice cream. Luckily, I have plenty of bananas ready for me to make a very healthy alternative of the regular ice cream treat.



Judging by the look, you probably can already tell how simple it is to make this dessert. The recipe is as followed:

-Skewers/ sticks

-2 ripe bananas (make 4 ice kream)

-Some dark organic chocolate + cacao powder

-Topping options such as sprinkle, shredded coconut, finely grounded peanuts or even pistachio (trust me it’s heavenly) 🙂

How to make it: 

-Cut each banana in half and secure each half on to a small skewer

-Melt the chocolate on top stove or microwave (note that if you microwave it, make sure you do it per 7-10 seconds and keep mixing the mixture up as you go)

-Dip the banana skew into chocolate then sprinkle toppings of your choice.

-Refrigerate for about an hour then enjoy ❤


I also make some crustless quiche into muffin size for on the go breakfast and they are so perfect (I blogged my recipe on the last post). If you love cheesy omelet, make sure you do sprinkle some shredded cheddar on top and the taste is literally perfect. They are also super cute and fun to eat, which is perfect for kids :).


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