Honey Glow



The other night, I had to run home straight from the gym and did not have a lot of time to fix myself before going to a friend’s birthday party. I did, however, manage to throw together this very simple and summer appropriate outfit, which includes: Zara black strapped ankle heels, my favorite turquoise wrap skirt and a Topshop black tube top. To spice up the whole look and add a unique touch to it, I opted for a statement necklace. I had two different necklaces/ hairstyles on to demonstrate how versatile this look can be. Let me know which style you personally like better <3.

Also, I recently tried these vegans cupcakes at wholefoods market (the one I had in the picture is pistachio flavor). While these babies did look absolutely adorable and oh so tempting, their taste was not quite what I expected. A bit too artificial for my preference, which has always been more inclined towards raw and natural flavors. The chocolate one was definitely worth trying though for those of you choco-addicts out there. What is your favorite Wholefoods must-buy? I would love to hear some suggestions if you are a regular of the store :).





That’s all I have today, just a little short x sweet update. Thank you so much for taking the time to checking my page and read my posts. Even though I’m new to wordpress. I definitely have fell in love with it and really enjoyed writing and reading so many inspiring and beautiful blogs. Until next time my beautiful people. XOXO

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