Raw til 4 and the essentials behind juice cleanse

I’m a big fan of raw plant based meals and drinks since they are often very delightful and earthy in term of preserving natural tastes of the wholesome foods. There are many reasons why I do not completely follow a vegan diet because I prefer a more enduring, sustainable source of protein from eggs, fish and chicken. I also do not believe in an absolute extreme in a “perfect” diet. I like to enjoy my foods and adjust them accordingly to how I feel inside. It’s very important to listen to your body during the journey of creating a lifestyle that would work BEST FOR YOU.

To create my own cold pressed juices everyday, I use Breville Fountain Juicer, which is very easy to clean and also works wonder. It may be costly to some people but if you think about it, it is an investment in the long term, consider that organic cold pressed juices are retailed at $8-$15/ bottle of 16oz. I recently created this wonderful green juice and had to have two servings because it was so refreshing and good. The recipe is as followed:

10366313_10152140913236074_8232593696996508687_n – 2 organic pears with skin on (washed with organic veggie wash+ sea salt first)                                          

-1 ripe peach & 1 cup of baby spinach

-2 stalks of celery + 1 cup of kale

-Coconut water and chia for taste and consistency preference

It is a very simple recipe but contain so many benefits for your health and possesses the great potential to detox your blood system with the rich omega-3 from chia (more than you can get from salmon).  After my morning juice, I had a big bowl of salad for lunch (mixed spring, lettuce,chopped celery, cucumber, strawberry, and sliced almond) with an avocado dressing, which is filled of rich and creamy taste with a hint of lime juice.

For dinner (after 4PM, cooked meals are fine), I made a simple and organic taco dinner. The home made salsa was delicious and so easy to make, while filled with flavorful tastes. For the filling, I opted for a ground turkey version instead of ground beef, cooked with onion, ginger and some Mexican taco seasonings. The ground turkey is then topped with fresh cilantro and a bit of lime juice to elevate the freshness of the meal and cilantro is another key factor in detoxing your blood. I also prepared some shrimps simply cooked with shallot for an oh so yummy smell and rich flavor, along with black pepper, garlic powder and some sea salt.



Enjoy and let me know if you have any question! ❤ 🙂

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