Sweet Obsession

For those you who don’t know me, which is pretty much everyone since I just made this blog yesterday but I like to pretend to sound  official, anyways I like to eat sweet a lot. The good news is it lightens up my mood and makes me feel like the happiest bubble ever. The bad news is it turns me into a bloated bubble and, in general, is not good for the body. One of those things that I tend to avoid in my eating choices is processed sugar, which is often loaded in beautifully crafted creamy & sweet treats like this:


Oh yes, I did eat (almost) all of those things at once because I have an unhealthy love for macarons, chocolate, vanilla waffle and the list goes on. My point is if you forcefully starve yourself on your favorite treats for a long time, it will come back and bite you in the booty aka binge eating. Instead, finding an alternative way to substitute my sweet crave is my option nowadays. For instance, I make avocado ice-cream quite often, which is oh-so-delicious, and super duper healthy. But I will share the recipe with you in another day.

Here is a sample of the “treat plate” I had recently in the morning, which includes peach black tea with some lime slices for the purpose of detoxing. I had a small combination of pears, peach and watermelon for snacking taste and another large green juice (made from pears, mint, bok choy, spinach, kale and green apple). Many people often asked me if the sugar in fruit should be a concern and my answer is yes and no. It  is if you are going to eat approximately 5-6 watermelons a day since fructose is hard for your liver to process. However, a couple slices will not hurt or even half a watermelon a day. Instead, it is loaded with fiber, water and vitamins that help to cleanse your blood plasma and energize your body, oh and not to mention trim your waist line.

Another trick is to avoid eating fruit after you ate a meal of unsaturated and unhealthy fat such as fried foods, since that combines with the sugar in fruit will do damage to your blood vessels. Otherwise, you should feel free to eat as much fruit as your body wants to responsibly, especially in the morning after tea-tox or warm water with lime!



Thank you for reading x until next time x love


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