Summer fine and wine

I absolutely adore the gorgeous shades of summer and  what she has to offer. Life always gets a bit easier under the sun and morning warm breeze is just a perfect way to wake up to. I also find myself with more motivations to work out and spend some quiet time making healthy treats is a must.

Yet, summer also comes with the guilty pleasure temptation for drinking. Oh you know what I mean. Who could turn down a nice cold beer or a chilled glass of cocktail in the heat wave. Well I can’t! So what I have been trying to do lately is getting myself into a cleaner and more raw diet until 4pm, to allow my body time to break down the bad bad toxins from alcohol and what not. This method of self-cleansing is also known as the rawtil4 diet. I don’t like to look at such habits as a diet. This is because the term diet itself often reflects a temporary commitment and an act of forcing yourself to do something for the purpose of weight loss.That is not what I look for in my eating choices. Instead, any human should think of the body as the most precious and wonderful possession that was given to us, and it deserves the best treatment.

I also don’t often consume dairy products just due to lactose intolerance reason, but I fell in love with a coconut yogurt from Wholefoods recently and had to whip up this bowl of treat which consists of ripe strawberries, blackberries, sliced almonds, coconut flakes and some chia seeds. So delicious and perfect for the summer!



Another thing I adore about the summer is the tan and glow on my skin. Not only does it mean I have to wear almost  no makeup, but it also makes my body more toned. Alright that was a bit too superficial right there, but hey, what girl doesn’t want to look pretty?  This is one of my favorite top in pastel and minty blue color with dainty gold chain detail at the back. A perfect way to show of your tanned skin ladies!



2 thoughts on “Summer fine and wine

    • Sometimes I do put granola in for a more crunchy texture! However, granola is often processed with a lot of added sugar even the healthy kind and I get a lot of my sugar intake from fruits so I tend to avoid processed sugary things.


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